Natural Active Ingredients
for Healthy Skin

at a glance

Dermocosmetics are skincare products specially designed to prevent, not just treat, common concerns. They deeply penetrate the skin, delivering safe, effective, active ingredients to improve your skin’s healthy appearance.

Beauty starts with healthy skin

At YOUTH Phytodermato Advanced Formula®, beauty always begins with maintaining the health of your skin. Our plant-derived clean skincare formulas are made to soothe, moisturize, and protect against sensitivity, redness, blemishes and other tell-tale signs of a compromised skin barrier. Combating external aggressors and cellular oxidation is the first step to achieving flawless, vibrant skin!

Safe skincare made with integrity

From ingredients selection to testing, we apply the most rigorous standards to bring you highly effective, risk-free clean skincare. If it’s toxic for skin, health or planet, you won’t find it in our formulas. We regularly review updates to the European Cosmetics Regulation as well as those made by health authorities in countries where YOUTH Phytodermato Advanced Formula® products are sold. Dermocosmetic solutions you can trust!

Phytodermato Advanced Formula®

In each collection, the triple anti-pollution, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action of the Phytodermato Advanced Formula® is complemented by a powerful natural active ingredient carefully selected to deliver targeted results.